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Barbara Griffiths London - England 1999-6-7

I congratulate you on producing an immensely exciting set of animations
which will stimulate many students of mathematics.

You have my full permission to put this e-mail on your web page.

Jeff Orchard America 1999-5-15

These math applets are the best in the world! I'm am extremely
impressed. Great job! I am a university mathematics instructor, and
these tools are a must for the classroom.


Cam and Barb Miller Canada 1998-3-17

We are two parents who live in Toronto, Canada. Our homepage called Sumfun features fun and helpful math websites all over the world. We have added a pointers to your Math Education and Technology page, Manipula Math and your company homepage at

Thank you for sharing the interesting animations.

Eduardo Tellechea Armenta Mexico 1998-2-5
Profesor de Matemáticas
Universidad de Sonora, México

Creo que este material es excelente auxiliar en la enseñanza de conceptos matemáticos. Hasta ahora no había encontrado un sitio tan completo en applets de Java. !Claro que pueden publicar este mensaje en su página!

Monika Schwarze Germany 1998-1-14

Your applets work fine and fast. Congratulations for this excellent site that students can use for investigations and finding a proof of a theorem. I want to know if your applets can be used in the classroom and offline? That would reduce the costs for telcommunication! Let me know your answer!

Karel Appeltans Belgium 1997-12-22

my name is karel appeltans and i'm teaching mathematics at the sint-jozefscollege te hasselt, Belgium. I've already used your java applications in my lessons. They are great. I hope you will go on with this site. Met vriendelijke groet

Carlos Quental Portugal 1997-12-19

Os vossos applets sao espectaculares! Parabens pelo vosso trabalho que e optimo! Your applets are really beautiful! Wonderful work! Very useful educational site!

Per Boeggild Denmark 1997-12-17

Very nice work! The applets are a great teaching tool (I teach gymnasium in Denmark). Looking forward to visiting your page in the future!

David Chase 1997-12-15

Thanks so much for this wonderful work ! I am certain it will help many people who have learning styles unlike those of their left brained math teachers. Bravo.

Kjeld Winther 1997-12-13

Thank you for nice pages. Let us see more of this. Med venlig hilsen

shawna 1997-12-11

I have a trig final in 2 days. Your examples helped me to understand the functions. thank you. i'm sure i will be back when i take calculus next quarter.

Clark Brown Instructor,Mohave Community College 1997-12-03

Very useful educational site. I teach math and would like to know how I can get all of them for use in my courses. Thanks for your contribution to what are often difficult concepts to teach.

Katsuhiko Yokosawa 1997-11-17

Thanks you for your JAVA aplication. I am a high school teacher of mathematics in Japan. I used your java software that has been developed for junire high school students in my class. The homepage title is "midjava". I'm suprised that there are a lot of menus,and the speed of the development of new applets is so fast. Some of the applets had just hints. My students used them for discovering or proving the theorem. But I think, the hints have two different meanings. One is its helped discovering the theorem,and the other is its already proof the theorem. When using computer or calculater for mathematical research, I think,the hints should be arranged more properly stimulating. So the hint which helps discovering the theorem,is much better. And I think if possible measuring of the length and area value of moving geometry,the number is the most adequate hints for exploring by numelical approach. What do you think of my opinion? Please teach me. Thank you very much for reading my letter. I'm sorry that there are mistakes and this letter may be difficult to understand. Good-bye.


Excelente iniciativa!
Gracias por esas ideas. Aristides

Brengle, Michael

Great work. I wish I had such a demonstration when I was a student.Can you tell me what graphical API package you are using?I want to try some Ideas.Is the source for any of these applets available?
Thanks for the great demo.

Kjell Kolsaker

I followed a link to your site from Gamelan. Your trigonometry applets are really beutiful! I am investigating Java for my field of teaching (simulation of thermal systems), and your simple,beautiful applets inspire me. I'll wish you good luck on your further work.

frederick myers

i love your calculus applets...especially the volume ones.great job! i develop similar ones for computer science,so i love to see people doing development like this!

Dave Armour

I haven't found many sites on the internet that I want to show to my kids. You guys have done such a great job that I am definately going to share this with my kids. Keep up the good work!


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