The sample file includes 9 applets below.


Transformation of a Triangle Pythagoras Theorem Sum of Outer Angles


Sine Box The graph of y=sin x y=a sin x + b cos x


Derivative of Sine Volume of a Solid Volume of a Solid of Revolution

System Requirements

It requires Windows 95 and java-capable browser such as Netscape 4.0 higher or Explorer 4.0 higher. Some of the applets run on different OS with Java capable browsers. You need about 1Mb free disk space.

Download and Set up ( For Windows95 and WindowsNT )

  1. Download "manismp.exe" and run the file.
    It automatically make a folder and unzips all the sample files.
  2. Open "index.html" using any java capable browser.
Cick here to download.